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Notes from "testing in an agile software development team" - James Bach

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Testing in Agile Scrum
Covering: Sprint Planning & Sprint ONLY

Testers role in Agile: Tester is the headlights for the product.

Key activities in sprint planning & Sprint:
1. Pre-req:
Learn about product
Learn about users
Learn about Technology
Learn about environment
Learn Learn Learn

Sprint Planning:
Role during sprint planning is to prepare how you are going to find information about the status of the product and  reporting on it.

During sprint planning, focus on Testability of the product:

3 Elements:
- Observability: How easy is it to identify the state of the software. eg Log outputs
- Controllability: Can the product be put into states, control state
- Simplicity: Are they implementing complicated code

- Highlight impacts to testing of what's discussed
- Highlight how you could test certain features
- Highlight are you feel will be difficult to test (Maybe special tool/interface is required)
- Ask how features are going to be implemented
- Highlight features which are easy to develop but challenging to test due to (Data required, tools etc)
- Bring to the meetings any Design documents with ambiguous statements etc, alert developers of areas of concern.

Outline Risks,
Outline notes
Develop Informal test ideas and build towards formal test ideas on top of that
Do testing on Developers build to tackle easy defects (90mins sessions with developer)
Build respect with Developer
Test alongside with developer
Keep developers in flow of their work
Be PIT crew for Developers
Be careful on spending too much time on tools (Tool supported testing)
- Test data generation tools

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